WHY  Choose Jen??

Over the course of Jen’s life, people always told her she would be fantastic in a sales role. She was consistently intrigued by these comments, but it wasn’t until later in life, that she really began to understand what all of these people had been talking about. Sales is more than just selling a product or service – in fact, that is just the realized end result - it is more about creating, developing and maintaining relationships with people – and this is what came so naturally to Jen. THIS is what “sales” now means to Jen. Without the relationship we have nothing to build upon. When you choose Jen, you are choosing someone who genuinely wants to get to know you, your story, your unique situation and help you fulfill your specific needs and wants when it comes to Real Estate, and ultimately your life plan.


With a passion for photography, a creative eye for interior design & landscaping, and a long time interest in Real Estate, Jen brings a very creative and personal touch to your overall experience. A consistently labelled “people person”, Jen thrives in an environment where she has the opportunity to meet new people and build relationships, and her extensive background in dealing with the public in various industries – corporate, community, recreation, education and service - has enhanced her natural ability to read people and quickly make them feel comfortable in any situation. Jen epitomizes integrity, dedication, hard work and creativity in all aspects of her life. Jen’s natural creative flare lends her an eye for design that many people have appreciated over the years. Preparing your home for sale, and taking photos of your property are both things that Jen truly enjoys and takes a great deal of pride in.


Jen values family first, and strives to maintain the ultimate work-life balance so that she can continue to be an active part in her daughters’ lives. Jen truly believes that “life is too short” and it is extremely important to her to spend time with family and close friends whenever she can.


Volunteering and being an active part of her community are also important to Jen. She has a great deal of volunteer experience as a Coach of various sports teams, and loves to spend time helping out at the schools that her daughters attend. In her free time, Jen enjoys fitness training at her local gym, playing volleyball, attending local theatre and live music events, travelling, & exploring the many sites and attractions in the local and surrounding areas – all much more fun when experienced with family and friends!

Jen's true passions are rooted in educating, helping, and coaching others in order to achieve their goals. No matter what area of life these goals are in, there is always a more efficient, more rewarding, & more positive way to get there. This is no different in Real Estate. For a truly unique buying or selling experience, choose Jen.

Jen Sellar
Jen Sellar

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